Ordering Pre Printed Check Stock / Media for Check Printing With
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Check printing is designed for pre printed check stock ONLY. I have tested this option with Greatland check number L81064 This is the same number that QuickBooks and Quicken use.
A Google search came across several other companies that offer the voucher style pre printed check stock designed for Quicken and Quickbooks. If you find a check that you think may work, contact the check company and ask them to send you a sample before purchasing.
CheapCheckStore.com Voucher Style - Check on Top
Checkomatic Quicken - Check on Top
Print E-Z Quicken - Check on Top
Greatland L81064
CompuChecks.com Business Voucher
Checks Unlimited Check On Top Without Lines
Ganson Multipurpose Check Stock
CheckChecks.com 881064 Quickbooks/Quicken
Carouse Checks Top Voucher Computer Checks Quickbooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money

Printing out checks on plain paper is HIGHLY recommended before printing on actual check stock. Proper alignment must be checked so that you will not ruin the actual checks.
Hold the test printed copy that you created under the actual check stock and hold it up to the light. If adjustments need to be made use the Horizontal and or the Vertical offset to correct.

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