Louisiana Withholding Tax
Louisiana Withholding for Payroll 2023

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Income Tax Withholding Formulas. The overall structure of the formulas used to compute the withholding tax is to calculate the tax on the total wage amount and then subtract the amount of tax calculated on the personal exemptions and dependency credits the taxpayer claims for withholding purposes. The correct withholding formula depends upon the number of personal exemptions claimed and annual wages. Any taxpayer may use the single taxpayer withholding formulas; however, only married taxpayers who will file a joint income tax return may use the married taxpayer formulas.

Single or Married Taxpayers:
Personal exemptions must be 0 or 1.
Dependency credits must be a whole number that is 0 or greater.

Married Taxpayers Who File Joint:
Personal exemptions must be 2.
Dependency credits must be whole number that is 0 or greater.

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This sample shows 2 Personal Exemptions and 2 Dependency credit.
Enter YOUR exemption and dependency number.
Personal Exemptions: (Husband, Wife or Single Person)
Dependency Credit: (Child, stepchild, etc.)

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