Massachusetts 2021 Withholding Tax
Massachusetts Withholding for Payroll 2021
Check back in the event of 2021 rate changes!

Check the box at the bottom called "Mass" and these figures will be entered into Payroll 2021's BiWeekly State Tax Table.
The weekly figures will automatically adjust.
Single and Married status are the same.

This percent method is an exact tax calculation and not a table method.
Social Security and Medicare is subtracted from gross salary with a $2000 limit, so use the Year to Date form
to enter weekly or biweekly salaries so Payroll 2021 will stop deducting after reaching the $2000 limit.

Payroll Software

Not responsible for any errors in examples shown. It is the responsibility
of the software user to check for correctness of the tax calculations.
SDI and SUI may apply to some states.

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