Version 12.0.0
Received Message
ReMind is a Timer/Alarm/Calendar/Scheduler
program that can be accessed from your tray.
An audible and visual alarm signals you of
the task or event you previously set.
Low resource program runs quietly in your
system tray to alert you of your preset
Running in System Tray

Clear Message Entry Enter Date of Message Type Message that you want displayed Enter Time of message warning Repeat every day when checked Select a sound for alerting you of message Accept settings

Click in Date Textbox and an easy
to use calendar pops up for reminder
Click in a Time textbox and an adjustable
time Dialog box appears for easy selection.
Enter Dates Enter Time

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Calendar Alarm Reminder

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Size: 5.78MB
For Windows(ALL)
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Copyright© 1997-2023, David E. Giordano

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