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Title: Tax calculation differs
Post by: Breaktru on November 15, 2008, 08:38:21 AM
I am in Miami Florida. I think there is a mistake on the tax table. What happen is I pay somebody 7.50 per hour, 80 hours Bi-weekly. Allowance 1, single. Federal tax is suppose to be $45.77. In your table it is 45.76. Can you explain me this please. This is very important!

Breaktru Payroll uses the Percent Method of the Federal Publication 15, Circular E, Notice 1036. If you manually calculate with that publication, you will come up with a Federal Tax of $45.7535. Your calculation is wrong. Breaktru Payroll came up with $45.76. If you use the table method of the same publication you would find it to be $47.00.

So 65 ten thousands of a cent is nothing to worry about.