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Title: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: Visus on July 15, 2014, 08:52:11 AM
I recently had issues with soldered round lipo batts with the very tiny gauge tabs and was intending to make a welder for them but  no,  I figure just make a good mechanical connection and golden.  I can  now run them in a series aa mod and balance charge them in parallel without switching them that wont fit that mod enclosure size woot.  Now the wait for batts delivery  ;hubba;

So funny how per se' , politically correct makes brain not think   :laughing2:

You can also use for non removable cell  a butt-end splice
These are nice

Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: CraigHB on July 15, 2014, 09:21:00 AM
I haven't messed with the round LiPos at all, but seeing how small the tabs are in the photo, have to wonder how they can claim 18A drain on those cells.  The 14A flat cells I use have tabs that are at least three times that width.  And then the tabs on the 20A flat cells I have are considerably wider again.
Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: Visus on July 15, 2014, 10:51:28 AM
They guarantee 90% of quoted discharge  :Thinking:
-Higher capacity during heavy discharge. More than 90% at 100% C rate.

Yeah they are uber tiny tabs but  I must say when i did use it- it performed awesomely with the 4050c.  I used a .8ohm atty or 1ohm on a 650mah lipo and no reg whine at all,  now with a 14500 and 5A supposed rate and 1 ohm  it whines like a baby pig lol..  I had to make some darn 32ga. 2ohm coils  :laughing:
Ive been vaping all day on this 2 ohms,  I keep checking the volts and they wont drop lol, wow what a huge difference and I am uber chaining this mofo cause yeah vape is much lighter even tho dense and decent lol..  I must have me lipo back.  Unfortunately was not thinking str8 before ruining them..

Im gonna use them in the 08100 mod too with a pcb should be good for ~50watts
Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: CraigHB on July 15, 2014, 12:26:04 PM
Maybe those little tabs are thicker than the usual ones, yeah?  The tabs on my 14A flat cells are wide, but they're pretty thin.

The IMR 14500s really don't have very good power delivery.  I think they have around 100 mOhms where that 18A round LiPo probably has around 20 mOhms.  In that case, the LiPo is a much better battery.  Though when you look at the big name high drain 18650s, the LiPos you would use for an e-cig don't have quite as much advantage there.  Those 18650s are quite impressive in every regard.
Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: Visus on July 15, 2014, 12:57:45 PM
They are quite powerful lol and dangerous I figure it would go off like a 1/8 stick of dynamite lol kidding but not, whoa
Nano technology
-Internal impedance can reach as low as 1.2m? compared to that of 3m? of a standard Lipoly.

They are surprisingly thin --but as I said I cannot deny the performance.  I'm looking for the review of them when broke in and measured one guy said 0.3mOhms.

Its an aluminum tracelike tab and the kicker --they do not warm up @1ohm, @ .8 @ 35watts they did start to warm but nothing significant.  The reg was warmer than them so I kept below 30watts and chilly icy ambient chaining..  So a 18650 is more powerful when approaching 8A and tha tabs  probably reasonably issue..

IDK Craig it's magic against physics, they do not have a long lifespan vs 1000+ charges 18650 vs their ~300 but while they are in action woot.. 

Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: Breaktru on July 15, 2014, 01:33:13 PM
I have successfully soldered several NanoTech battery tabs with no problems. However on one of my mods the solder tab broke off from the metal tab that comes off the battery. This metal tab is impossible to solder and would require an arc weld.
Title: Re: Using round lipo's no soldering
Post by: Visus on July 15, 2014, 08:28:21 PM
  I  trying to solder it,  developed some swell, so gave up threw them away, on 2 of em same haps..Yep Break there is a trick to taping them even small vibroid shockings micro-millimeters distance with gauged wire will break off those tabs in time.   A small bolt if once get to that metal tab has been my conclusion and net found.
Carefully like this guy on rc groups gave a fix-- although a very small bolt, stripping back mm's very gently the black plastic and foil if very unlucky that short as one, one of mine was,  yeah...  Eyeglass kits, some have perfect size bolt and nuts, and I figure make hole check fit solder bolt head or copper clad washer extension with wire bolt down IDK still a theory of what to do but its that small ouch lol..

For a bigger size lipo use a ring or eyelet connector and bolt..