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Title: RunTime Error 75
Post by: Breaktru on November 15, 2008, 03:52:28 PM
Run Time error '75' Path/File access error.
I need help with this error. I'm trying to access the Payroll 200X from one computer to another. Do I have to install the software in both computers?

Yes, Any program not just this Payroll software should be installed & not copied. You must run the Setup.exe file. System files may need to install & register if they are not present. The only files that can be copied are the files that are created for Users/Employees as described in the Help file topic: "Backing Up".
Title: Re: RunTime Error 75
Post by: Breaktru on January 06, 2012, 11:08:32 AM
Run-time error 75. Path/File Access Error:

According to Microsoft Support, Run Time Error 75 is a very simple error. If you get this error, your system is telling you that it just cannot access a specific file from the software/application you are currently running because of a permission/access issue.

Try running the program as Administrator.
Right-click the program icon. Select "Run as Administrator".  See image:


In Windows Vista and Win7, even if you are signed on as the administrator, you are not running your programs as an administrator necessarily (in other words you do not have full path and file access rights), unless you right-click on the given program and select the option to "run as an administrator". If this was your issue and this fixes the problem, a permanent solution would be to right click on the software title (our software) in the Windows Vista program menu (in "All programs" under our program name) and select properties, then  under "Shortcut" and then under "Advanced", select "run as an administrator" and also under "Compatibility" select "run as an administrator". Then select "Apply" and "OK". This will ensure that every time the software runs on your system under your Windows Vista log-in, it is always started as an administrators program- in other words with full path and file access rights.