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Title: Looking for Comercial mods, listed..
Post by: tek on December 03, 2011, 01:49:09 PM
Hi, how are you?
since i am seeing that you are reading, would you happen to have a mod willing to be traded for a custom mod made for you?
Depending on the mod, and condition, negotiations will tell what and how many mods will be traded to you for your commercial mod in the list below..

1. Silver bullet, any color, any condition.

2. rough stack any color any condition

3 journeyman/allie wood box mods

4 reo grande

5 provari

6 lava tube

7 silver bullet dual head or silver bullet duals

8 liquidnator or map cartomiser tank caps, derlin or stainless, or aluminum

I want to stress i dont have these mods, but i am looking to obtain them threw trades of juice, mods, and other means for them... Thank you..