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Title: Install problem
Post by: Breaktru on November 14, 2008, 11:14:31 PM
Customer wrote........
Hi! I had tried the previous years version and like this program. Then I downloaded this years Payroll file to try. But when I open it I get a Word file with pages of code which I can't seem to do anything with. I want to send in the reg fee to register but would like to try this again before that. Is there a secret to opening this, or is there something missing in my software setup like the proper zip program?

Thank you. Virgil

My reply....
Thank you for your continued interest in Breaktru Payroll.
Make sure that you do indeed have an unzipping program such as WinZip. If you do, then follow the following info:
It sounds like your computers file association for zip files have been changed to open with word. It can be fixed by right clicking on any zip file, then click "Open With", then click "Choose Program". Scroll to and click once to highlight "WinZip Executable" (if you are using WinZip). Make sure you check the box "Always use this program to open these files" then click "OK". This will restore your computers zip file association. The wording may vary slightly depending on which version of "Windows" you are running.
Before registering Payroll, make sure you are completely satisfied with it.