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Title: Questions
Post by: Breaktru on November 15, 2008, 09:20:12 PM
My company has less than one hundred employees, and wants to computerize payroll, but we don't want to spend a fortune, and avoid annual renewal fees. I downloaded the demo, and it seems to work quite well.
What is the cost for this software? Are there renewal fees?
Concerning the check printing we need blank checks, pre-printed with our bank information, or does the software allow us to create our own, and simply enter the bank information?

Payroll registration is $24.95. It is annual. Free upgrades/updates are available throughout the year.
The check stock is pre-printed and can be ordered through a 3rd party company. This information is available in the Help file. Before ordering the checks, make sure that this program suites all of your needs. Get familiar with it and use it until the time period expires before purchasing the registration key.
I want to point out that the check calculations and reports are the withholding tax that
should be deducted from an employee's check and does not calculate the tax that the
employer is responsible for. Such as the Soc. Sec. tax. The employee is responsible
for 6.2% which Payroll accounts for. It does not show the 6.2% the employer owes.