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Title: Letters from Accountant to Client
Post by: Breaktru on April 21, 2009, 09:27:59 PM
Dear Client

Here is the URL link to the payroll software that we discussed this morning.

The package is very cost effective and easy to use. I believe the annual license is $24.95.

The package has very descriptive HELP documentation to guide your admin through the check processing.  You can order pre-printed check stock to match this program.

However, the software will not handle your quarterly and yearly filings with the federal and state agencies but the year to date report generated can be used for those filings.

If you have any questions, please call.


Second letter:

Dear Client -

Attached is the URL Link to the check processing payroll package that I use in my office.

The package is very cost effective and efficient for your check processing needs. The quality of calculations is very precise.

With limited assistance, your admin with be able to process emply checks with you own pre-printed check stock.  However, we will be responsible for filing the quarterly 940 and annual 941 documents

The support on this product is excellent for the sales price.

Thanks, again