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Title: igo-l not that small but a good entry level rba
Post by: zeus17 on October 23, 2013, 03:32:45 PM

so i've had my igo l for a while now and a couple of other rba's,so i decided to make a short review on it to help decide those who are thinking about buying it.

So basically and igo-L is a dripper.

construction and design:
basically built with a good diameter to make an illusion when you screw it on top of a vamo or any flat top mech mod,that its part of the mod itself,specially if the connector is recessed.As for the actual grade of steel used not sure,but my machine shop buddy says its a quality metal,drilling the airholes out should not be a problem,but definitely harder to open up compared to my did clone.
dropped the thing a couple of time,nothing serious,no dents

top cap design is simple and sleek,nothing fancy,but very easily identified with UD,pretty much same design on the aga,just a few lines across,finger print magnet thou.
Chamber size might be too big,then again it does not affect much and very minimal flavor loss if any,which is evident on most larger chambered rba/rda

Pole positions

well,I just wish they were more spaced out,something like the aga,so i can easily fit a long nano coil.
generally ok thou,its practically the same with era and others.
i just wish they had holes on them for easier mounting.


well so far they are doing well, after 2-3 months..
good thing is they have 2,and you can remove the bottom ring and save it for later and s till have no leaks.


airhole sucks...too tight for my preference,so had to drill em out.just be careful thou,when I drilled mine and i was way too low,taht half of it was already exposing the base..


so far, ive been able to drip 15 drops to it,anything more is flooded.

question is is worth buying?

yes,compared to lets say and era or a trident clone,i would say yes.
again good entry level rda,
to make it better only thing it needs is a bigger airhole and a hole on the post,other than that,its a good everyday war machine.
if you can shell out a bit more, the Igo-w is a better candidate.

Title: Re: igo-l not that small but a good entry level rba
Post by: marlow57 on October 23, 2013, 06:43:11 PM
Thanks Z for sharing and reviewing. Now to find and see what an igo-i is  :laughing:
Title: Re: igo-l not that small but a good entry level rba
Post by: zeus17 on October 24, 2013, 10:25:20 AM
hahha ill have to re edit this i think...and include photo links.