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Author Topic: Gp Spheroid with microcoil and cotton guide  (Read 6591 times)

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Gp Spheroid with microcoil and cotton guide
« on: December 29, 2013, 01:54:37 PM »
Tools required:

1 x Tweezers (for coil)
1 x Nail clippers (for cutting wire and cotton)
1 x Scissors (for cutting the Jewel Filter to size)
1 x Ruler (for measuring the Juwel Filter)
1 x Philips screwdriver or needle nose pliers (Depending on whether you have nuts or the new v3 kit with screws)
1 x Blowtorch or Lighter
1 x Spheroid fork or a pair of needle nose pliers will do
1 x Mandrel or a 2mm thick drill bit
1 x 14 Gauge needle
1 x 0.25 Kanthal
1 x Organic cotton wool
1 x Juwel Filter PolyPad Compact, it's what i use :

Preparation for the GP Spheroid:

Use the Spheroid fork or the end of the needle nose pliers tips to remove base and turn clockwise (it has reverse threading) to remove the base:

Clean all parts in warm water and thoroughly dry and re-assemble the lower base back onto the main base anti-clockwise (it has reverse threading) you should now have this:

Before starting make sure your hands are clean as anything on them like grease etc will be going onto the wire/wick and don't want that.

Building the GP Spheroid:

Step 1: Cut a bit of Juwel filter polypad too the size of 2.5cm x 4.5cm, Cut some 0.25 Kanthal at 14cm length

Step 2: Hold the 0.25 Kanthal and torch the coil with your blowtorch or lighter until glowing red, this will make the wire less springy and easier too handle:

Step 3: Wrap the coil around a 2mm mandrel nice and tight (i do around 9 turns, this should give about 1.9 ohms resistance) and then push all coils very close together with your fingers towards the mandrel’s edge so they are nice and snug next to each other and keep holding the legs tight at the same time.

Step 4: Gently pull the coil off the mandrel and at the same time holding the legs of the wire place into the tip of a pair of tweezers (preferably flat tweezers).

Step 5: Once all held in place in the tweezers flame the coil until red hot and hold tight with the tweezers until cool, do this a couple of times....should end up looking like this:

Step 6: Place the 14 gauge Blunt Needle into the centre of the coil and adjust the legs of the wire so that they are facing north and south:

Before step 7: Decide whether you want more throat hit or less throat hit, the higher the coil the more throat hit, the lower the coil between the posts the less throat hit (very marginal though)

Step 7: Place the coil between the posts and wrap the legs around the nuts/screws and tighten up, once all in place make sure the coil is dead in the center and lined up with the air hole, if not reposition it with your tweezers:

Step 8: Get the end of each hanging wire and wiggle them off for a clean snap, place the base onto a device and check the resistance is fine and you can also do some dry burns to burn of any remaining impurities:

Step 9: Now get some cotton wool and pull apart a bit that will be enough for the wick, not too much and not too less....this bit is by judgement so you need to guess right, If you use too much cotton the coil will strangle it and it won't wick fast enough, if you use to little it will wick too fast and you may get leaks, Get the cotton and roll into a tube, not too tight and not too loose, then feed it through you microcoil:

Step 10: Trim the cotton ends, they should be sticking out about 1mm outside the diameter of the base:

Step 11: Take your spheroid bell top and wrap the 2.5cm x 4.5cm Juwel filter polypad around it, not tight and not too loose:

Step 12: Place the spheroid shell around the bell top and screw into place trying to make sure no Juwel filter is on the thread of the bell top:

Step 13: Make some adjustments of the Juwel filter to make sure it is nicely and equally fitted into the spheroid shell and nothing is blocking the center tube:

Step 14: Choose your chosen juice and fill up a syringe (i prefer syringe) and insert the syringe down the side of the Juwel filter right too the bottom and fill up (i get around 2.5 too 3ml of juice).....once you see the top of the Juwel filter full of juice stop filling, if you have over done it get some tissue and soak up the overfill:

Step 15: Get your base and wet the cotton wick with your chosen juice and check to see if all is working fine and to see if there are any hotspots, if all is fine point the cotton legs upwards and screw into the shell making sure the ends are touching the Juwel filter:

Step 16: All done and you can now vape away on one of the best tasting attys:

Hope this helps

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Re: Gp Spheroid with microcoil and cotton guide
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2013, 02:02:19 PM »
Nice write up Jason. Well done. Thanks for sharing

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