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Author Topic: USB charger  (Read 4768 times)

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USB charger
« on: January 10, 2014, 04:58:29 PM »
Just wondering as i am halfway through building the Milo-DNA20D box mod but instead of using lipo batteries i am using parallel 18650 batteries in the case enclosure and was wondering what charger to use?

Somebody mentioned this:

But i am trying to get my head around it, it has a USB socket but i cannot see how it would benefit me as i ain't putting batteries in the charger as i am using the USB socket on the box mod so surely it cannot display parallel batteries charging on the display.

Just wondering if there is anything specific i need to charge the Milo mod? and also on the first start up on the mod is it best to have fully charged batteries in it for the first time of use?

Just for info i have bought Efest 18650 batteries for it:



Breaktru Forum  |  eCigarette Forum  |  Battery  |  Topic: USB charger

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