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Author Topic: Kanger subtank wicking mod  (Read 4670 times)

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Kanger subtank wicking mod
« on: April 29, 2015, 09:04:19 AM »
Hi everyone

I have owned a couple of sub tanks for a while now and have always have issues with the wicking and getting dry hits, this was probably due to my high vg content in the liquids I make but they are diluted with pure lad water to make them wickable so I couldn't see that this should be an issue. I did some research and found out I'm not alone in my dilemma. After watching a few videos on YouTube I found out that you really had to be careful how much cotton you out inside the chimney and basically trimming the cotton perfectly flush with the bottom of the deck was the way to go, I tried this and it worked a treat but took forever to do and if you went too short you had to start all over. After a month or so of this I got fed up and starting looking again on YouTube and found a great video showing you that if you drill a couple of small holes in the side of the RBA section this can solve the issue, I decided to give it a go and went for 2 holes 2mm in diameter and hey presto it worked a treat and no leaking. made up some crazily think liquid just to test it and it just kept on drinking it up with no dry hits!
Unfortunately I cannot find the video so can't tell you guys who made it but if you are having wicking issues this is the way forward.
Ideally you would use a pillar drill and I vice but unfortunately I didn't have access to one so I had to do it very carefully by hand.
Step 1.
With the deck and top cap parts of the RBA section still in place mark out where the juice channels are and then measure up approx 5mm (for a 2mm hole) use a centre punch or something pointy and metal to mark out where the holes are going to be. Be careful to make sure your holes will be above the internal thread of the chimney section as this will make it putting things together tricky.
Step 2.
Using the smallest drill bit you can find drill I pilot hole, this is best done with the deck and cap still in place but be careful not to put too much pressure on and shoot through the chimney damaging the deck inside. Do the same on the other side then you can put your larger diameter ( I went for 2mm) hole through. After this take a look inside and take off any burs inside the hole using the smaller bit.
Step 3.
CLEAN IT! I just used washing up liquid and hot water using a toothbrush to scrub it with and that worked great. You have to be quite meticulous with this as any tiny metal shaving left in the can cause all sorts of problems. Pay particular attention to all the threads.
Step 4.
Wick up! Make sure the wick is sitting up against the hole which you will be able to see from the outside and you're done. Vape away.

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