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Author Topic: Dont Taze Me Bacco  (Read 4735 times)

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Dont Taze Me Bacco
« on: October 25, 2015, 07:09:20 AM »
This is so good that if you run out of a mixing  flavor and the mailman doesn't have your package but tracking says he does you will Taze him..
Don't worry the small 7-10ml bottles will last ya long long time use is @ very low percentages uber heavy taste mixer

          .07% Chocomint

          .07% Cavendish

           3%  M type tobacco

         .06% Burley

50/50 is great not that sweet
I like it sweeter 70vg/30pg

1-2 week steep
Its good str8 away but after a week and woohoo..

If you overmix Chocomint or Cavendish prepare for the gunkiest atomizer you ever seen very low usage heavy flavor concentrates.

I smoked pipe tobacco and have searched for a worthy pipe mix,  this is uber worthy..

Blow your mind With using Don't taze bacco mix as base

FlavourArt  Fuji Apple 3%  or Apple pie 6%

Let Steep 1-2 days Fuji Apple/Apple Pie both go transparent/mutes if steeped to long so its best
@15ml or under unless you can vape all 15ml in two weeks..  If so make more lol really awesome mixer..

Breaktru Forum  |  eCigarette Forum  |  eJuice Recipes  |  Topic: Dont Taze Me Bacco

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