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Author Topic: Modder's Challenge - Mophie Vaping Pack  (Read 5034 times)

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Modder's Challenge - Mophie Vaping Pack
« on: March 03, 2016, 05:52:15 AM »
So I'm upgrading a new iPhone 5 with a new internal battery pack and a Mophie.

While doing some research, I ran into this Mophie teardown on YT:


Got me thinking that one of these could be modded (?)

Since many vapers wrap their own coils, it's likely that a modder is gonna come up with something totally new....something we've never seen before. Just like the ole' days of modding when peeps were tearing apart flashlight housings and building the evercool mods.

Who's gonna be the first to come up with a flat, rectangular coil set in a ceramic housing that plugs into it's base via a lightning port?

Add a flat juice reservoir that feeds the coil, a flex mouthpiece and house all of it inside a modified Mophie.

As much as peeps are addicted to their smartphones, it's very likely going to be the next evolution of vaping.....but who's gonna build the first one? (I know that Vision made a pretty sorry attempt already, but it failed miserably.)

So this is a challenge for modders in this forum....

Who can build one?
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Breaktru Forum  |  eCigarette Forum  |  Modding  |  Topic: Modder's Challenge - Mophie Vaping Pack

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