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Author Topic: RunTime Error 713  (Read 12282 times)

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RunTime Error 713
« on: November 15, 2008, 04:13:52 PM »
We get a "runtime error 713" when trying to access our Payroll program. It says the file named msstdfmt.dll is missing, but I see it in the program. We did have our computer crash last week , if that has anything to do with it....any suggestions?...

Dave, what I did was....I have 2 hard drives..when the computer crashed, I moved payroll off the C drive , and onto the D drive. I had to re-format the C drive to get windows operational again. I then left payroll on the D drive, but as I stated, it opens w/ runtime error 713. I take it , if we can fix this, our data will not be lost, correct?

PS..we are also interested in purchasing next years version.

Programs should be installed via their setup file and not merely copied. Programs need files not only in the folder it creates but in the Windows folder, System folder and noted in the System Registry. DLL files that are needed, have to be registered which occurs during setup. This is what is happening with the msstdfmt.dll file in your case.

You must run the Setup.exe file. It will not delete your user files because they were created after the original installation and should work fine.

You can install using the Setup.exe file with the default: C:\Program Files\Payroll 200X and copy the files from your D drive to C:\Program Files\Payroll 200X.    WARNING........ ONLY COPY THE USER/EMPLOYEE CREATED FILES SUCH AS:
All files that start with the User/Employee's Name ONLY!

Breaktru Forum  |  Payroll Software  |  General Discussion: Payroll Software  |  Problems  |  Topic: RunTime Error 713

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