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« on: November 15, 2008, 05:46:11 PM »
Hello David. This is John F. Am I happy to have found your web - site. You see, I have had some problems with my PC. To say the least, my tower crashed and I had to reformat the drive.Then, to my dismay, I discovered the floppy disc I had my reg codes on. would no longer function as the square drive hole was worn or rounded out. To top it off, the Iomega Zip disk Drive I had your Program on, Payroll 2000, was no longer performing either and I couldn't recover any of my software programs.

So, what I've done, is I have downloaded Payroll. My Question is this; Will you consider this program as an up date? Or, do I have to repurchase it to have a registered program? Please let me know asap.

Hi John,
I am very sorry to hear about your computer horror story. Been there. Glad that you found me again. I am listed on all the search engines, usually on the first or second page by just typing Payroll withholding.

Each year I release a NEW version of Payroll which includes the NEW Federal tax rates. Each new year requires a new registration. During the year free upgrades are available to registered users. See: for the latest version.

If you were using a previous years Payroll software, your tax withholding amounts will not be correct.
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Breaktru Forum  |  Payroll Software  |  General Discussion: Payroll Software  |  Upgrade  |  Topic: Upgrade

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