South Carolina Withholding Tax South Carolina Withholding for Payroll 2024

On main form, use File, Open. Find SoCarolina - Save as employee's name.
Check back regularly in case of a tax rate change
See See Form below:
Enter these exact figures into Payroll 2024's BiWeekly State Tax Table. If you do a weekly payroll the figures will automatically be half of the biweekly's so set up as biweekly. The withholding allowance in my table below reflects a $177.31 personal exemption times the number of dependants. Plus a MAXIMUM Standard deduction of $266.35 for biweekly or $133.17 for weekly salaries. The STANDARD DEDUCTION is 10% of Gross salary not to exceed $266.35 (biweekly) or $133.17 (weekly). If your salary for biweekly is below $2663.50 or weekly below $1331.70 you will need to calculate 10% of your gross pay and add that to your personal exemption of $177.31 for each dependant.
2 dependents are 177.31 x 2 = 354.62 (Personal Exemption)
A biweekly salary of $1000 * 10% = 100.00 (Standard Deduction)
In the Withholding Allowance box for 2 dependents you would enter 354.62 (354.62 + 100.00 = 454.62)
Payroll 2024 bases all calculations on a Bi-weekly paycheck and will make the neccessay adjustment for weekly paychecks by selecting weekly in the User setup box.

This percent method that I used here is an exact tax calculation.

Withholding figures:

Even if you are paid weekly you must use the biweekly figures.
By selecting weekly in the User Info check box, the calculation will
automatically adjust for that pay frequency.

The withholding allowance figures are for earnings of $2663.50 or more biweekly
or $1331.70 or more weekly.

Not responsible for any errors in examples shown. It is the responsibility
of the software user to check for correctness of the tax calculations.
SDI and SUI may apply to some states. Check state website.

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